Attempting to Chill | New YouTube Series

Here is the video this article is in reference to!

Relaxing isn’t quite my forte, you might say. (Despite the fact that my website has been lacking in updates for quite some time. My last freaking post was back in March. I’ve been doing a lot of other work, alright?) When Animal Crossing: New Horizons came out, like the rest of the series, it was intended to be a game that made you slow down and just relax for a little bit. Considering the timing of its release, it couldn’t have been a better game given the circumstances in the world at present. As a fan of New Leaf, I’d been interested in getting it. My girlfriend got it first and I decided to watch her play. I finally decided to get it afterward.

Much like my poor, neglected town in New Leaf, as much as I love this game, I often get too busy to play. By the time I have the free time to play, I’m too burned out to actually do anything and I just don’t play it in general. I went long enough in this pattern and decided to just stream the game on a daily basis.

When it comes to keeping a schedule, I’m pretty terrible at it, to be honest. I tried making a recording schedule for my Persona 1 Let’s Play (which you can watch here if you wish to see me struggle with this fantastic yet torturous game), but I could not keep it up. As a result, I am still working on that playthrough well over a year after I started it. I refuse to give up, though. Even if it requires long breaks between recording sessions, I’ll keep at it.

The whole point of said rant is that I was determined to make my New Horizons stream work. As such, I have successfully streamed the game three days in a row over at my Twitch channel, titling the series “The Daily Chill.” I fully plan on making this a regular series, and I hope that if you find the need to just relax and escape from the stress of life, especially during these times, you can find these streams/videos and just hang out.