All Things Writing

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…Yes, I totally just used a stock image.

Considering that I call myself That Gaming Author, I figured it would be appropriate to have a page on here dedicated to all things writing, as the title indicates. May it be blogging, novel-writing, or even just ranting and perhaps keeping an open journal, it could be anything related to writing and none of the video game rants I have on the home page. If you’re here for the author part of my name, this place is for you!

If I can, I’m thinking I’ll occasionally update this page with various writing tips, ideas, and many more things. Feel free to ask me questions relating to writing! Whether that’s by leaving a comment or reaching out to me via the Contact page, I’ll do my best to answer. Also, as a shameless plug, I’ll probably include links to the places where you can buy my books somewhere on the internet.

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