What Made You Fall in Love With Video Games?

This is a question I am genuinely curious about for pretty much anyone. If you’re passionate about video games, then at some point in time, there was one game that sparked that passion. In the comments, let me know what is that video game that made you fall in love with the whole medium, and what about that game is what made you feel that way?

7 thoughts on “What Made You Fall in Love With Video Games?

  1. I don’t think there was one single game that made me love games in general, but if I think about the games from my childhood I have the fondest memories of, they would probably be Sonic 2 and 3 & Knuckles. I played the hell out of those as a kid. Amazing music, great level design, fun characters, and a fair amount of challenge with trying to get the Hyper transformations in S3&K: these games really had it all for me.

    I know opinions are opinions and all that, but it really pained me to hear people talking around the later 2000s/early 2010s about how “Sonic was never good” — sure, I agreed that some of the series’ 3D games were mediocre or even total garbage, but being told that these classics I loved on the Genesis were garbage too just threw me for a loop. Needless to say, I completely disagree with those people, and I’m happy that Sonic Mania shut down a lot of that nonsense when it recaptured a lot of the spirit of those old games.

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    1. That is completely understandable! I don’t have much experience with the Sonic series myself, as I’ve only played the first one, Sonic Advance, and Mania, but I’ve certainly seen the unreasonable criticisms the series gets. I think it’s because people like to bandwagon on things, and harsh opinions are rather popular online, which bleeds into real life. Despite what people say, it’s awesome that those are the games you have the fondest memories of!

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